Trip till Holm

Paddle trip to Holm

Holm is situated barely an hour’s paddle from Kustleden. The trip up to the remains of the 17th century farm is an easy half-day excursion.

In Sörsjön, before reaching the magical, slow-moving Harmångersån, is Sörsjöbadet, a swimming area and beach. Paddle ashore here and spend a few hours swimming and the trip can easily stretch to an entire day.

The wind seldom blows hard on this lake and Harmångersån is slow and peaceful so this trip is ideal for beginners and groups with children.

Towards the evening we can almost guarantee that you will spot beavers on this paddle trip.

Keep your eyes open and look for the long wake left by these speedy swimmers.

If you get too close the beaver will smack its powerful tail on the water and disappear beneath the surface – but will come up again…

At Holm there are perfect picnic possibilities with a super grill and places to sit.

See “History” above for more information on Holm.