Norstafjärden to Skutbryggan

Skutbryggan in Strömsbruk can be either the starting or finishing point of this excursion.

It’s a diverse trip over lakes, through narrow passages, then along the island-dotted coast with some nice sea paddling.

As an easier daytrip start at Norstafjärden’s southern end through the lake system to Kimsundet on Bergön.

This section offers some simple flat-water paddling in a lake which at one time was part of the Baltic Sea.

After a portage of about 400 metres paddlers will reach the sea via a lovely fishing village. (Take care when choosing your launching spot in the sea. Summer guests and full-timers have chosen this place for its peaceful atmosphere.)

Paddle close to shore and be observant of the coastal weather. If unnecessary risks are avoided the journey past the quaint fishing village of Sågtäkten and on to Skutbryggan in Strömsbruk is wonderful.

An overnight can make for an exciting and diverse two-day trip.

Map Norstafjärden-Strömsbruk (116KB)