Nordanstig Canoe Route

Kustleden is the finish line for the canoe route known as Nordanstigsleden.

The route is approximately 60 kilometres in total and has many different types of water.

Large and small lakes, narrow creeks and rushing rapids make the trip diverse and fun.

It’s quite a demanding trip with about 15 lifts and/or portages, but the effort is well worth it and it can be good to stretch your legs every now and then. A canoe cart can come in very handy.

The entire trip can be done in two days of just paddling, but three days is better. Many choose to take even more time so they may enjoy the breathtaking nature of Hälsingland and do a bit of fishing and swimming.

It’s also possible to paddle certain parts of the route. Some popular launching spots are Hasselasjön, Älgered and Bergsjö.

The last part, from Harmånger to Kustleden is a beautiful, and at times very exciting trip, which requires at least four hours to complete.

Due to careless “fish conservation measures”,  the rapids throughout the entire stretch upstream from Holm are now impossible to pass with canoes, kayaks or other boats.
In order to avoid accidents, all canoeists must now take up on the south side before the rapids at Holm and portage through the new clearcut and launch below the new rocky stretch after the bridge.
We will update this information as soon as the problem has been rectified.

The water level determines how doable certain sections are – as a rule, the more water, the more fun.





We have divided the Nordanstigsleden into four parts which are described in the two pdf-files  to the right. 
(Text in file is in Swedish.)

The pdf-files should be used in conjunction with ordinary maps and/or applications such as Google Earth.

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Route description Part 1.

Route description Part 2.