Paddle waters

Paddle waters

Kustleden is the perfect place to begin your paddle adventure. You can rent equipment, park your vehicle and even get transportation to the starting point you’ve chosen.

The trip up to Holm can be done in just a few hours and is an ideal daytrip for anyone who has never paddled before, or has a canoe full of restless children.

Nordanstigsleden and Norstafjärden-Skutbryggan are waters for those who can read a map and are fully aware of the Swedish right of common (allemansrätten).
They are both great excursions for those who want to explore nature and the coast on their own.

We also have equipment which makes it possible to transport canoes on virtually any car, even those without roof racks.
If you need any help with transportation just let us know.

For portages we have sturdy canoe carts which can easily carry canoes with all your gear, even for longer stretches.

Personal floatation devices for grownups and life preservers for children are included. Extra equipment such as compasses, cookstoves and waterproof pack bags are all for sale in our shop.

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