Canoe rental

Canoe and kayak rentals

Kustleden is a canoe centre recognized by the Swedish Canoe Federation.

Paddling waters around Kustleden are varied and include rivers, lakes and the Baltic Sea. The Nordanstig Canoe Route is an exciting longer trip. It is suitable for trips of two to four days. You can paddle the entire route or just a part of it.

We have a number of high quality canoes that are stable and can handle a big load or a whole family. (With a load of 400kg there’s still 15cm or 6in of freeboard.)

We can also offer a couple of standard equipped kayaks that are simple enough for beginners.

We also have equipment that makes it possible to transport canoes on virtually any car, even those without a roof rack (see this link for a picture although the text is in Swedish). If you need transport service please contact us.

For land transport on foot we have strong and sturdy canoe carts that make even long portages a snap.

Personal floatation devices for adults and life preservers for the young ones are always included and extra equipment such as compasses, camping stoves and waterproof packs etc. are available in our store.

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