The Main building

Staying in the main building

Kustleden’s main building is situated on the same strategic spot as the smithy which operated from the late 1600′s and two centuries onwards.

When Ströms Bruk changed directions at the end of the 1800′s the smithy was replaced by a splendid new head office right by the rushing river. The building was finished in 1912 and added on to ten years later.

The era as a head office ended in the 1960′s and today the rooms offer comfortable accommodation, kitchen, lounge, café and gallery.

There are only four rooms in the main Kustleden building and one of those is a single room. That means that there will be no more than seven guests sharing kitchen and lounge at the same time.

The building turned 100 years 2012, the ceilings are high but the atmosphere is still cosy.

Although there is no TV we do offer free wireless internet (WiFi) and exciting books in the bookshelf. Most of our guests take long walks, play some boules or sit down by the river with a drink and a good book.

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