Kustleden – Tallen (The Pine)

Tallen (The Pine) was planned and built as a hotel as early as 1951. In those days there were a great number of rooms dedicated for employees at Ströms Bruk AB.

60 years later a part of the prominent building is a hotel once again. Four of the original rooms are now prepared as hostel rooms and one room has been reborn into a comfortable TV-room with a newly installed satellite TV service. An equipped self-catering kitchen with hot plates, electric kettle, coffee machine, refridgerator and microwave oven is also ready for use. WC with changing table as well as a newly renovated shower completes yet another comfortable alternative at Kustleden.

Tallen is a part of the hostel that is always open year round and that includes the Holiday Season.

Pictures from Kustleden Tallen are found below. We will update the photographs…

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