Hiking trails

The easiest way to get out and enjoy nature is to go for a walk, whether it lasts for ten minutes or ten days.

The coastal path is a well-marked and prepared hiking trail stretching for many kilometres in the beautiful coastal landscape.

There are numerous other trails and paths that lead through unique types of nature.

The beautiful Orn area is only steps away from the Kustleden property. This stretch offers wonderful hikes through some spectacular coastal scenery. For bird lovers the Orn area is a virtual treasure trove.

Well-prepared trails abound and make for relaxing walks along the riverbanks, lakeshores and through dry, heather-clad coastal areas shaded by gnarly pine trees.

Make arrangements with us to park your car at Kustleden while you are out hiking, or if you need transportation to or from your start/finish point we can arrange that as well.

For a who’s who in Swedish nature visit our shop for a handy guide.