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Harmångersån, or the Harmånger River, is only one of a number of excellent sportsfishing opportunities in and around Strömsbruk.

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While it is famous for its outstanding spring fishing for seagoing trout, fishing really is great during the entire season.

Kustleden borders on the rapids so this sportsman’s paradise starts just a few steps from the front door.

The rest of the river system, as well as nearby lakes, offer more good flyfishing and spincasting.

Nearby Långtjärn is not only stocked with feisty rainbow trout, this lake is also fully wheelchair accessible and offers a number of other services.

For more information please visit Harmångers Fiskeområde’s pages. They are the ones who see to it that fishing remains so great in Strömsbruk.

Oh, by the way, sportsfishing in the Baltic Sea does not require any license and can be lots of fun…