To see

Activities and sightseeing

There is lots to see and do in Strömsbruk proper, or in the neighbourhood. Below are a few of the very closest examples that are easily reached on foot, by bike or canoe::

Old mill buildings – Remains from the time of the ironworks in Strömsbruk and beautiful buildings from the papermill times can still be seen as mementos from a past of professional pride and glory.

Distance – from circa 10 metres from Kustleden.

Labbe - Only a few steps from Kustleden is Labbe or Labbit. The word has French origin and meaning – shack or shelter. The little building was the resting cabin for the blacksmiths during the time of the ironworks. Now Labbe contains an interesting collection of old, historical photographs from Strömsbruk.

Distance – circa 30 metres from Kustleden.

Rifle club pavillion – The old rifle club pavillion was recently restored to its original state and is a reminder of the town’s active past.

Distance – circa 700 metres from Kustleden.

Hästasand - The shallow sandy beach Hästasand is situated where the Harmånger River reaches the Baltic Sea. Dry coastal vegetation with beautiful pine trees and heather surrounds the beach.

Distance – circa 900 metres from Kustleden.

Skutbryggan – Close to Hästasand is Skutbryggan. Today the dock is managed by Strömsbruk’s Boat Club but it was once an active harbour for the old transport ships.

Distance – circa 1000 metres from Kustleden.

Strömsbruk’s Church – Strömsbruk’s beautiful little church started life as a granary and is an excellent example of simplicity often being synonymous with beauty.

Distance – circa 200 metres from Kustleden.

Mission Church – Strömsbruk’s first church will soon be 100 years old and is an extraordinary building that has been very important to the townspeople. The Mission Church is now a private residence.

Distance – circa 250 metres from Kustleden.

The Manor Park – Herrgårdsparken – Up until 1967 the mill proprietor/executive’s manor house was located in the park outside of Kustleden. Today many of the exotic trees still remain.

Distance – 0 metres from Kustleden.

Nature Trails – Many paths and hiking trails are found in the area. Remains from the bronze age can be one destination. The era of transport ships has left its mark down by the sea and a charcoal-burner’s hut can be visited via the forest nature trails.

Distance – from 0 metres from Kustleden.

Sågtäkten – The old fishing village of Sågtäkten is only a few minutes from Kustleden. Here there is a relaxed atmosphere and you can still buy smoked and pickled fish directly from a local fisherman. Sågtäkten is also famous for Scandinavia’s longest wooden bridge – but the bridge is private.

Distance – circa 2 kms from Kustleden.

Windpower generators – nly a little more than a kilometre from Kustleden the silent but active windpower generators can be seen. They transform the sea breezes into electrical power.

Distance – circa 1200m from Kustleden.

Sörsjö Beach – The beach at Sörsjön (Southern Lake) offers terrific swimming and is equipped with docks, dressing rooms and a great sandy beach. Rent a bicycle at Kustleden or paddle there by canoe or kayak.

Distance – circa 1200m from Kustleden.

Jussi Björling – The world famous opera tenor Jussi Björling had his roots in Strömsbruk. Jussi’s grandfather was a blacksmith at the ironworks and his father, David Björling, was born in one of the village’s longest standing buildings. More information about Jussi Björling can be found at Kustleden.

Distance – from 0 metres from Kustleden.

Holm – A visit to the excavations of the prominent Holm farm almost makes time stop. The medieval atmosphere, the singing birds and the excellent information makes it easy to drift back to another time in history. Here you’ll also find a picnic area and a rustic barbecue. Paddle straight from Kustleden or make your visit by bicycle or car.

Distance – circa 2kms from Kustleden.

Stocka – The fishing village of Stocka is only a few kilometres from Kustleden. You can hike there via a former railway, bike, go by car or why not paddle? Rönnskär, the little island at the end, is one of the highlights of Stocka. There is also a pilot’s museum that you can visit by boat – Contact Kustleden for more information. At Morängsviken and Rammelsand you’ll find wonderful sandy beaches.

Distance – from circa 4kms from Kustleden.

Ornskarpen – The Orn area stretches like a tongue out into the Baltic Sea. It is a wonderful hiking area criss-crossed by easy trails. You can simply follow the Harmånger River straight from Kustleden out to Orn. The bird life is unsurpassed and to those interested in coastal flora Orn is a goldmine.

Distance – from circa 500m from Kustleden.

The Archipelago – By boat you’ll easily reach the beautiful archipelago. Islands and islets are scattered and inviting. At Kustleden we have a couple of kayaks for rent and on nice days even our canoes can be used for excursions by experienced paddlers. Contact Kustleden for paddle suggestions.

Distance – from circa 700m from Kustleden.

Sports fishing – Fishing is great in and around Strömsbruk! That does not only apply to the well-known trout fishing in early spring. Lakes, rivers, creeks and tarns offer everything from perch to feisty rainbow while sea fishing is always close at hand. You’ll find fishing licenses and sportsfishing equipment at Kustleden. Visit for maps and information about local fishing.

Distance – from circa 10m from Kustleden.

Steamboat Project -Anyone interested in traditional techniques will be drawn to the Alajne Project. Alajne is a steamboat dating from the first half of the 1900s. When the extensive renovations are finished Alajne will be steaming up and down Sörsjön lake in Strömsbruk.

Distance – circa 100m-5km from Kustleden.