To do & see

Stay and enjoy yourself or explore Hälsingland

With Strömsbruk as your base there is just enough to do and see regardless if you feel really lazy or are out to gather experiences.

Within walking distance you’ll find all that you need in order to relax – beaches, walking trails along the sea, rushing and calm rivers, soothing lakes, café, restaurant, gigantic park to play in and so much more.

If you’re out to explore further there are enough destinations to last a lifetime whether you’d like to do some shopping in Hudiksvall, discover the Hälingsinge farm houses, visit old fishing villages, dine at posh summer restaurants, see a wolf, wolverine or bear at Järvzoo, buy treasures at auctions… the list is endless.

Kustleden and Strömsbruk is a relaxing base to start out from or stay put in without becoming disappointed!