Sea air gives you an appetite, no doubt about that. Whether you like to fix your own lunch or prefer to let someone else do it for you, we have a solution.

Something sweet for the coffee break, ice cream and light snacks are available throughout the day and a few substantial cold meals will satisfy most appetites from lunchtime onwards.

We have gathered the fresh ingredients from our neighbours – makers of quality deli products, fishermen and others who know how to prepare what this area offers.

For a hot, hearty meal local restaurants happily cater to the needs of our mutual guests.

There are more places for a good meal. Within walking distance from Kustleden in the village centre, is 
 Pizzeria Strömsbruks Pizzeria which serves fresh-baked pizza and much more. In nearby Stocka within easy biking distance (3-4km) you’ll find the great summer restaurant Måsen ( right by the sea and at Kajutan ( which also is the closest stop for groceries is a small café with outdoor tables overlooking the miniature golf course.