Kustleden – Tallen (The Pine)

Another of Kustleden’s year-round alternatives has been ready to receive guests since November.

Kustleden Tallen has three double rooms and one large comfortable single room.

At Tallen there’s now a great number of books currently being organized. The books share space with the large conference room which also has equipment for meetings and lectures.

There’s also a smaller conference room suitable for meetings of groups up to six.

In the basement you’ll find Kustleden’s cinema – The Film Room – which will shortly feature a new film schedule for Kustleden’s guesta and customers. Adjacent to the Film Room is the Film Café.

All rooms at Tallen are ready for rent and we’re currently working with the renovation of the sauna.

Some time ago we promised photos and here they are. We will update the photographs when days are longer and brighter…

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