New Home Page

Our web site was getting way too large to administrate with several hundred pages and thousands of images in two languages.

We have therefore reorganised the material in a more easy to control solution.

There’s is still some work to do but it will be running smoothly soon.

Our aim is that you’ll find your way just as easily as before but things don’t look quite the same.

You can still find our old site here... for some time but it will no longer be updated.

Requests and tips about the new site are gladly accepted!


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  1. zinta says:

    Vill bara berätta att jag tycker att eran hemsida är väldigt snygg och välorganiserad, bra information och snygga bilder.
    Jag sökte information om Strömsbruk och hittade allt vad jag behövde.

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